• Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi Matthias,

    as you might have noticed, I'm planning to deploy refbase here at an institute in bbg :) I'm trying to integrate refbase in a custom intranet-solution, mainly because of acceptance and usability issues for the users.
    Now my question, are there any plans to use templating solutions (e.g. smarty) for refbase?
    This would make GUI-integration much easier, but I guess it's a matter of time, right?

    ... and btw.... when did u study in bayreuth :)


    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Tom,

      I'm understand that refbase leaves much to be desired what regards separation of application code from presentation and this topic was discussed several times among the developers.

      While we'd like to achieve significant improvements in this area, I fear that this won't happen in the near future. This is a very big task and a lot of the core app will need to be re-written to provide for a proper templating solution.

      As a first measure I'd like to outsource some of the basic HTML structure and significantly increase the number of CSS hooks. This would allow for more flexible CSS styling. However, this is something that is planned for v1.0 but not for v0.9, so it's nothing one should wait for today.

      Sorry, I'd like to serve you better here but I fear that you'll have to live with the current possibilities for the time being. However, if you tell us more exactly what would be needed most to ease your integration efforts, maybe we can do something about it today...

      Best regards, Matthias

      (I did study in Bayreuth between 1993-1996, up to my "Vordiplom")

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I also look forward to an eventual skinning mechanism.  I don't know if smarty's the best for this, but we _do_ want to make improvements.

        For your immediate needs, you may be able to link to your site's CSS file and cut & paste the header/footer. As an example, see http://arc.nucapt.northwestern.edu/refbase/

        This shows the Monobook skin from MediaWiki.  It definitely doesn't feel perfect, but it was probably less than a ten minute change.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi all,

      I also did some header/footer changes and the results regarding the intergration issues are ok for me.

      I did some small projects with smarty and php4 and I really liked the way it integrates also in existing applications without too much changes to the core code. But I'm not a real PHP-Coder, and I must admit that I don't habe an overview over other templating / skinning engines out there :)



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