mm_jk - 2009-10-29

Already working on the Refbase project and want to get paid for your efforts? Thinking about contributing to Refbase and want an incentive?

Our company has recently started to use Refbase as a convenient way to share citations amongst employees. There are some features that are missing from Refbase that we'd be willing to pay someone (or a group of someones) to add. The implementations of these new features must be done in such a way that the Refbase project admins will approve them. Further, we want any code to be freely donated without conditions to the project.

Specifically, we are looking to add the following features. They are ordered by priority from high to low.

  • A refbase API to add a new record from a DOI/PMID/CrossRef/etc identifier. We plan on having our apache server do command-line calls to this API to do batch imports from identifiers.

  • An 'upload PDF' option for the above import API.  This will attach an associated PDF file to the newly added record.

  • A 'check for duplicates' option for the import API.  Do a search by main record fields (title, author, etc). If any potential duplicates are already in the database, stop the import and tell the parent (calling) script that a dup was found. Our server script can then flag that reference for later manual inspection.

  • Add the capability to have multiple files per record. This would enable us to attach a PDF file of the text as well as any supplementary files.

  • Public groups (tags). As explained in the 'Planned Feature Additions' page on the refbase website, this will enable users to collaboratively assign tags to articles. These tags can then be searchable by all users.

If you are interested, post to this forum thread and I will get back to you. In case you are curious about logistics, the payment will be by corporate check and our finance department can draw up the necessary contracts before you start working.

- jeff