Change TITLE tag based on article

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is there a way to have Refbase change the <TITLE> tag for the page which has the results based on the title of the article which is stored? I would like to make it easy for Google to find pages in my database and I know that Google cares very much about the TITLE tag.


    • Richard Karnesky

      References are returned as search results & those search results can return multiple articles (whether in the compact table or in the details).

      Google has no problems indexing your site without custom title tags.

      The rank of the pages will be low & many refbase pages will probably be added to the supplemental index regardless of what the title tags are.  This is because google does not like to return pages which seem to be search results & also doesn't like material which seems to be duplicated content (as you often get with any web database).  If you want high google rank for some refbase pages, I think your best bet is to prohibit spidering of search.php and rss.php.  This will prevent duplicate content.  Then make a few links to show.php searches for google to spider.  There is a way to customize the header of these results, which we should probably extend to customize the title as well.

      It is also worth noting that google scholar seems to be able to spider a show.php which you submit & extract links to PDFs and citation metadata.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for the detailed reply! :) How can I customize the header of the results?


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