"Self-Service" Possibility

  • Irish

    Irish - 2012-02-16

    I haven't been reading the discussions much lately but we've had a renewed interest refbase at our Library. We would like to offer refbase for our librarian's (faculty & staff) to use for their own bibliography data. What we would really like to do is to create a front-end to refbase so they could answer a few questions, click a button, and create their own instance of refbase. Has this been done before? I would be very interested in communicating with anyone who has done this or even thought about doing this. If the refbase creators would like to help out - that would be awesome! I am currently research some open source front-ends but would love to have some input from this wonderful refbase community!! Thanks.


  • Richard Karnesky

    Is there a reason to have multiple databases, rather than taking advantage of the multi user database and using show.php and contribution id to make separate bibliographies for each person that still draws from the common pool?

  • Irish

    Irish - 2012-02-16

    Well, I - being a logical sort of person - would say one database would make much more sense to me! However, we are talking about a group of librarians who believe that their life's work is to collect several thousand citations on one area (of expertise - if you will) and have it available to the world forever. However, I might be able to sell the one database idea to my boss who might be able to convince the librarians! Thanks for the good idea….I will be looking into front ends and alternatives! - C


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