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  • Knut Krüger

    Knut Krüger - 2007-03-29

    Is there an option to copy the contents of all or one user filed to another user.
    We are jsut discussing about the user file field and it would be helpful to copy those information ot another user. If not erverybody from the group must use the same account.
    Unfortunatly I filled the DB with the admin account ...

    Regards Knut

    • Matthias Steffens

      The refbase user-specific fields are private per design, so it wouldn't be really good if there were an option in the interface to copy the user-specific data from other users.

      Stuff like this is probaly best done using tools such as phpMyAdmin and/or raw SQL commands.

      It somehow makes not much sense to me, if you're using a common file dir, but *every* user would need to input file information in his 'user-file' field. This will be surely hard to maintain. This 'user_file' field is more useful if every user has a *different* value in that field. I can only imagine it to work, if auto-generation of file names is done via refbase placeholders - and if your local file dir then uses the same file naming scheme.

      Anyways, I'm still wondering whether you're not trying something that is best done in a completely different fashion. E.g., have you talked to your sys admin? He may be able to provide more space on the server so that you can manage your PDF files collaboratively on the server. This would be by far the best option and probably safe you from lots of trouble in the future. If it's really not possible to provide more space on your local server, there are actually many cheap hosting offers that'd offer you enough web space for hosting a refbase database.


    • Knut Krüger

      Knut Krüger - 2007-03-29

      Hi Mathias.
      we are talking about a workgroup.
      Working partially in University and at home, sometimes in England, USA, ... and in the field (using a local copy of RefBase with Xampp and a local DB).

      No fast internet connection at home, but space on the local HD to copy the pdf from time to time from the origin.
      Mapped with windows to a dummy Network device, from the Univervity Network, or in a peer to peer Network outside the university and the member of the workgroup could use the Database and the access to his own HD

      So we must limit the bandwidth over internet. There is an NovellClient internet access for the Members nearby a town with hightspeed access, but I am working with <1000 DSL.

      Therefore the best option is for us to have several copies from the mainfiles with the same directory structure mapped to the same device letter.

      And I would only copy the user_file field to some special users (the Members of the Workgroup) not to every user.

      You see there are a lot of different cases andthe best way in my opinion is to use on defined drive letter.

      Regards Knut


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