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  • izahn

    izahn - 2008-08-05

    I need to build a website listing my department's publications. I'm in the process if deciding which script to use: at the moment both refbase and aigaion look good. My main concern is that I need to display the references in apa style. How easy is this to accomplish with refbase? What is involved in setting it up so that visitors see references in apa style?


    • Richard Karnesky



      APA is currently only in the SVN version.  See:


      for instructions on installing from SVN.

      You can set $defaultView="Cite"; in initialize/ini.inc.php

    • izahn

      izahn - 2008-08-05

      Well, that sounds easy enough! I'll give it a try in the morning. Thanks so much for the quick response.

    • izahn

      izahn - 2008-08-06

      OK, it was as easy as you implied! It's working great. One question though: I would like to set it so that visitors (i.e., not logged on) can only view the citation style. So, I want to remove/hide the

      List View | Citations | Details  print

      part of the display. I assume this is in search.php somewhere? If you could point me towards the right code I would really appreciate it.


      PS. Refbase is AWESOME!

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Ista,

      I'm glad to hear that refbase serves your needs.

      > I would like to set it so that visitors (i.e., not logged on) can
      > only view the citation style.

      You don't need to modify the refbase code to achieve this. There are preference options for each user (and also for the anonymous user which has 'userID=0') that allow the admin to enable or disable the different views ("List view", "Details view", "Print view", as well as "Cite" for Cite view & the cite functionality).

      To disable all views but Cite view for anonymous users:

      1. login as refbase admin

      2. goto 'user_options.php?userID=0'   [*]

      3. at the bottom of the user options page, in the "User Permissions" section, uncheck the checkboxes next to "List view" & "Details view" (and "Print view" if you like)

      4. click the "Submit" button

      Anonymous users should now only see the references in Cite view, and links to List/Details/Print view should be hidden from the interface for any user who isn't logged in.

      Note that you should keep at least one of the view options (List view, Details view, Cite) enabled (we don't yet have any JavaScript magic to enforce this).

      Hope this helps, Matthias

      [*]: see also http://wiki.refbase.net/index.php/Configuring_refbase#How_can_I_change_options_.26_permissions_for_everyone_who.27s_not_logged_in.3F

    • izahn

      izahn - 2008-08-07

      Thanks, that's helpful. Unfortunately I am now really confused. Here is a summary of what I did:

      1) checked out the svn version
      2) installed it
      3) modified some preferences in ini.inc.php, set up cite as the default view
      4) screwed up the installation by trying to modify the database through phpmyadmin (stupid I know).

      So far so good. Everything was working fine, only my stupidity screwed it up. Then:

      5) deleted the installation
      6) repeated step 1

      But now the new ini.inc.php file seems totally different!

      a) no $defaultView setting
      b) no $displayResultsHeaderDefault setting

      I can't figure out what happened. I think I did everything exactly the same both times I installed. Any ideas?


      • Richard Karnesky

        There was no need to check out the svn version a second time.  However, did you check out the SAME svn version of the branch when you performed this second check out?


    • izahn

      izahn - 2008-08-07

      I didn't specify a revision either time, I just did

      svn co https://refbase.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/refbase/trunk refbase


    • izahn

      izahn - 2008-08-07

      OK, probably my bad. I must have checked out the bleeding edge version the first time around. I was sure I remembered checking out the trunk, but the bleeding edge version looks just like the one I initially checked out, so I think that's what I must have done.

      Sorry for the needless post, and thanks so much for your help.


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