LDAP authentication

  • asm

    asm - 2009-05-15

    another question! - are there any suggested ways for getting LDAP authentication working for refbase? this would really be quite neat, and save a lot of difficulties in user administration within the institution.


          -- andrei

    • Richard Karnesky

      Nothing quick-and-easy-and-good yet.  We've wanted to add other authentication schemes & outside developers have rolled their own authentication for refbase, including IP authentication & UW's Pubcookie.  See: http://www.refbase.net/index.php/Customizing_user_authentication_\(Pubcookie)

      But there is no direct LDAP support yet.

      An ugly work-around if you don't need to maintain separate user accounts would be to use LDAP authentication in your webserver & change the rights for the non-logged-in user.

      Real LDAP support would certainly be possible, but we don't know when it would land in the codebase.  Outside contributions would certainly be welcome!


    • Richard Karnesky


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