CVS-Update Problems

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi all,

    just wanted to drop you all a note regarding the cvs update process. I ran into some problems following the docs at
    using MySQL 4.0.17.

    The update.sql script defines some tables using ENGINE=MyISAM. To make this work with the 4.x versions of MySQL I changed that to TYPE=MyISAM.

    I then got a problem reloading the index.php with a query error for "SET NAME latin1".
    I changed and commented out the if statement below the line
    // (2) Set the connection character set:

    I hope this is not too *hacky*, but it worked for me :) thanks for your great application


    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Tom,

      thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!

      Both of your issues regard recent changes where I wasn't aware that this would break compatibility with MySQL 4.0, sorry! I've again reverted 'ENGINE=MyISAM' to 'TYPE=MyISAM' which should be fine since MySQL 5 still seems to understand the 'TYPE=' variant (but I'll have to check this).

      The 'SET NAMES' syntax was introduced in MySQL 4.1.0 so future versions will only issue this command when using MySQL 4.1.x and up.

      Thanks, Matthias

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Matthias,

      another problem I ran into was a call to a undefined  function iconv() when adding a pdf to a new record. I checked my PHP-install and saw
      that I didn't compile with support for libiconv. I don't know if that already was needed in 0.80 or if it was introduced in the current CVS-Version.
      Anyway, had to recompile php with configure-option "--with-iconv" to make uploads work. Perhaps you could add this hint to the Requirements-Page on the wiki.

      greets from bamberg :)

      • Matthias Steffens

        Hi Tom,

        AFAIK, the 'iconv()' was not used in v0.8.0. The CVS version uses this function upon file upload to generate standardized file names. In the future it will be also used to convert data into different charsets if required (e.g. when exporting to RTF, MODS XML or OpenDocument XML).

        You're right that this should be added to the requirements page in our wiki. Thanks for pointing this out!

        (who studied in Bayreuth ;)


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