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  • mlapl1

    mlapl1 - 2009-05-25


    I notice that this site:

    has some welcoming and other comments on its front page. I would like to do something similar. Is there a simple way of doing this or, if not, which files do I need to modify?


    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Andrew,

      The main page is 'index.php'. If you know a bit of HTML, you can open it in a text editor and modify it to your needs. The strings on the main page are localized, i.e. they are located in separate files (inside subfolders of the 'locales' directory).

      In 'index.php', all these localized strings start with '$loc...' so it should be easy to search for them. If you just want to change the welcome/about messages on the main page, edit the values of these variables:

      $loc["Default Welcome Message"]
      $loc["You are welcome to send"]

      For the english (latin1-based) version, the file to edit would be 'locales/en/'.

      HTH, Matthias


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