Great Work!

  • Daniel Horner

    Daniel Horner - 2003-08-25

    I was looking for a free/open source reference manager and this seems to be the most stable/comprehensive package so far. Thanks guys!

    What is the status of this code? Is it under active development? For my purposes, I wanted refbase to  be able to manage a small repository of PDF/PS resources associated with some references. ie. the full text of some papers, uploaded locally.  I began making modifications to do this. Is there any interest in this as a feature?

    • Matthias Steffens


      thanks for your feedback! Its what keeps us going. ;-)

      refbase is being actively developed. However, our resources are very limited right now, i.e. there are sometimes several weeks where development stalls completely. :-/

      When we started with the refbase project we thought of adding support for binary files as well. The "File" field in the main mysql table was meant to hold any path or file name information of an associated file. At our institute we have a big PDF library which I'd love to link to their corresponding records. In our case, problems are that this wouldn't be legal ;-) which is why we haven't followed development of that feature until now.

      However, this is not to say that we aren't interested in adding PDF/PS support! I think it would be a cool feature. Did I understand you correctly that you want to load the binary file(s) into the mysql table itself? Or do you just want to have a record point to some file location/directory on the server or your local machine? Of course, the latter would be far easier to implement. And it would prevent the database from getting bloated. E.g., as a simple start, how about making a clickable link from any URL or full path information that's available in the "File" field. What do you think?

      We'd be very interested to hear about your modifications! What did you do?

      Thanks & with best regards, Matthias


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