Your query: ... caused the following error ..

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello Devs,

    When I´m in the single view of a reference -> I put the mark into the checkbox and want to add the ref to an existing group (button add). The ref is successfully added to the group, BUT:
    On the next view, I get the error:"Your query:
    caused the following error: Error 1065 : Query was empty"
    What´s the problem? My "head manager" (Chef in german) will be confused, if he gets the error.


    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Jürgen,

      that clearly seems to be a bug, thanks for spotting this!

      I'll have to investigate the problem and see how this can be fixed...

      Best regards, Matthias

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Jürgen,

      I've fixed your problem in my local development version (together with a few other related issues). I'll upload my changes to the CVS as soon as possible.

      Best, Matthias

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Jürgen,

      I've uploaded modified versions of 'search.php', 'users.php' and 'includes/' to the CVS repository. They are meant to work with a refbase CVS installation.

      The updated scripts should fix the bug you're describing, let me know if this is not the case for you.

      Best, Matthias

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I got an older CVS Version running.
      What is the easiest way to update my version without loosing the settings in the inc files?
      Can I always replace anything except the inc files? Or do I have to replace inc files from time to time?



      • Matthias Steffens

        Hi Jürgen,

        if you can, it may be wise to wait a few days with your CVS update, since I'll be uploading a lot of changes during the next days...

        But generally, if you haven't done any modifications to your refbase scripts (except for editing '' and ''), then you can replace all your existing scripts with the new ones. I'm aware of one unfixed bug in the most-recent version (1.25) of 'record.php' so you may want to stick with revision 1.24. But otherwise you should always use the newest versions.

        Whether you'll also have to replace '' and '' depends on the age of your file versions. Especially '' may have changed and you'll need to incorporate the changes from the newest version into your old one. A diff with a text editor normally helps a lot to make this a quick task.

        If you have problems with this, feel free to email me your '' and '' files privately and I'll update them accoring to the newest versions.

        Best; Matthias

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      cvs login

      This succedded, I´m logged in.
      BUT: What then?
      How do I checkout a clean build? (and mybe the version 1.24)


      • Matthias Steffens

        Hi Jürgen,

        please be aware that I have not updated the CVS to the most recent changes, sorry for the inconvenience. Anyhow, the fix for your problem is in the CVS.

        > cvs login
        > This succedded, I'm logged in.
        > BUT: What then?
        > How do I checkout a clean build?

        Make a backup of your existing refbase root folder.

        Then use 'cd...' on the command line to move to a directory where you want to place the checked out refbase folder. Then issue this command:

        cvs -z3 co -P refbase

        (more info at but I guess you know this page)

        After the command has finished, you should have a working directory of the main 'refbase' module on your harddisk. Use 'cd...' to make your CVS folder the current working directory, then use the 'cvsdeploy.php' script to move all script files from the CVS folder structure to their correct location in your deployment directory:

        php cvsdeploy.php DESTINATION

        This step is described in more detail at:

        under "1.3 Move CVS scripts to deployment directory".

        After you've moved the files, make sure that the 'classes' sub-directory inside your refbase deployment directory is still there. If not, copy it back from your refbase backup folder.

        Whether you'll also need to update the refbase MySQL database depends on the age of your CVS version. Checkout this wiki section:

        and see if your local MySQL database has these new/changed tables or table rows, respectively. If not then, follow step "1.4 Update MySQL database" on that page.

        > (and mybe the version 1.24)

        Turns out it was revision 1.23 which I meant:\*checkout*/refbase/refbase/code/php/record.php?revision=1.23

        You can simply save the script as text from the above URL. After you've moved all scripts from the CVS folder to your deployment directory, replace the existing file 'record.php' with this version.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      So nun mal auf Deutsch, sonst schnall ich hier bald nix mehr :-)

      1. Classes Ordner? Hatte ich nie und habe ich auch nicht. Was ist das? Brauche ich den umbedingt? hab ihn nun im includes Ordner gefunden!!!
      2. Wie merke ich das meine MySQL DB veraltet ist?
      Die Datei wurde ja nicht verändert.
      3. Ich habe nun folgende Dateien ersetzt (manuell), reicht das:

      - alle PHP Dateien im /code/php/ Ordner -> deloy root von refbase (www)
      - eine .js Datei genauso
      - die exort und import Verzeichnisse ersetzt
      - den locales Ordner ersetzt
      - die im initialize Ordner erneuert
      - den cite ordner ersetzt
      - alle inc Dateien ind das includes Verzeichnis kopiert

      Was ist mit den Ordner css, muss ich da war erneuern?
      Ansonsten geht wieder alles, bis auf die EXPORT Funktionen, weiss jem warum die nicht gehen?


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