pdf renaming

  • izahn

    izahn - 2009-05-15

    I managed to import my master bibtex file and preserve the local file links (by converting to RIS and putting the file locations in the L1) field. So I have a bunch on full text pdf's linked to my refbase entries. Good! Now, it would be great if I could get refbase to rename them according the the settings in ini.inc.php (like what happens when I link a new file). Is this possible?


    I first found refbase because I was building a website that needed to display references. That project fell through, but I like the software so much I've installed it on my local machine and am using it in place of a traditional desktop-based reference management program. It's great!

    • Richard Karnesky

      refbase has nothing to rename/relink PDFs.  I don't know, off-hand, where we would put it in the interface.  But it should be relatively simple to make a one-off script that would do this.



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