Is RefBase good for me

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I would like to know if Refbase is really good for me.
    I would like to create a internet site to refer bonsai periodic article.

    I just would like to do:
    i would like to know in which book, i can find a article deal with oak or maple.

    If Refbase is good to do this,how can i simplify the user interface.



    • Matthias Steffens

      I'm not sure whether I understand your question correctly. You want to index books with refbase and then use refbase to return all books that deal with a particular topic (such as oak or maple)?

      Currently, refbase does not store or search the full text of any imported book or article. I.e, if the info you're searching for is stored within the bibliographic metadata of the book or article (e.g., within the title, abstract or keywords fields), then refbase will be able to do what you want. It won't currently search the full text of any attached files, though.

      Regarding the interface, which parts of the interface do you want simplified? In other words, what exactly is causing you trouble?


    • Richard Karnesky

      refbase has enough fields to be fairly agnostic to the type of bibliographic literature you are storing & I imagine that it would be fine to store information on bonsai periodicals.

      If I were to do this, I would store the types of trees each book deals with in the keywords field.  You can then just search on the keywords (or even construct URLs to perform these searches).

      As for the interface:  there isn't yet an "easy" way to customize the interface (e.g. by specifying in a configuration file or an administrative interface the fields which show up or are hidden in the add record or show record views).  However, you can (and some people have) commented out the display of some parts of the add record form or of the record view.  It is probably best to merely enclose things in HTML comments (<!-- THIS IS A COMMENT -->), as they'll then still be present for any advanced functionality of refbase that requires them.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Many thanks.

      i'll test the new version with french interface.

      To explain my trouble, i think Refbase is too complete for what i want to do.
      i think the best way is to enclose things in html comments.

      Thanks a lot for your best work with refbase.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok, so.
      i've test the new version in French.
      Some words or phrases are wrong. I can send you a new file this correct syntax.

      Now, i've a problem. A user must be logged to see French language.
      How to see first page in French for all users ?


      • Richard Karnesky

        Set $defaultLanguage in 'initialize/'

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Florent,

      it's correct that currently not all strings in 'locales/fr/' have been translated to french, simply since we didn't know the correct translation for these strings... So we'd be very happy if you'd help us out with the french localization.

      Thanks, Matthias

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks a lot.

      I 've installed a demo version at and i still work on it.
      Is someone can tell me, which file can i modify to customize result view ?


      • Richard Karnesky

        That is a nice looking site.

        How do you wish to customize the results?  Minor customization (number of records displayed, etc.) can be done in initialize/  This would be preferred, as you could more easily upgrade in the future.  More complex customization can be done by modifying search.php.  If you end up changing search.php, you might let us know--it can help use decide what to abstract out for a future version so that you might not have to re-patch it in the event of and update (no promises, though).  If you think your changes would benefit others, we might also include it in the 'contribs' directory of our releases.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OK, Thanks.

      i just want to customize the result by adding a picture, add quotes to enclose things in html comments. because in this case, we don't need all the fields.

      If you think my search file can help you, I will be happy to send you a copy.



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