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  • Fede

    Fede - 2010-02-20

    I installed manually refbase and its working fine. Even though I can´t install bibutils in my server. This is the error I got:
    Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /nfs/raven/u1/c/cernuscf/public_html/includes/ on line 131

    This is the answer from our IT guy:
    is referring to the PHP function call exec(), not a filesystem permission.  exec() is used to run arbitrary command-line programs from PHP.  Due to the security risks, exec() is disabled on the web servers.
    If exec() is required for this software to work, then it won't be possible to run it on his ONID website.

    As far as I understand I will be able to run refbase normally but this will only be a problem to import my preexisting database.

    That data base was build with bibloexpress and I exported into a endnote sitle txt, like this one:

    %A Pérez, A.
    %A Decoud, P.
    %A Carbajal, A.
    %A Rocha, L.
    %T Comportamiento del Acuífero Guaraní en la ciudad de Artigas, Uruguay
    %J I Congreso Mundial Integrado de Aguas Subterráneas. ABAS-ALHSUD
    %D 2000
    %0 Conference Proceedings
    %C Fortaleza, Brasil
    %O Date of Input: 10/02/2006
    %O Priority: Normal

    Is there anyway to import this data base and use refbase as it is now without bibutils?
    It will be a one time import only , then we will add the new references directly into refbase

    thank you



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