Tip for importing very large Endnote XML file

  • Sageev George

    Sageev George - 2009-02-26

    I was trying import a 7500 record database from an Endnote ENL file and I ran into the memory_size problem mentioned in the troubleshooting section.  A maximum memory of 100M was not enough for me, although I will admit I didn't try making it bigger than that.

    My tip is to create several XML files that contain no more than 1000 records.  Also, I had to use a utility to insert a newline after every "end record" directive (i.e. </record>) before Bibutils was able to parse the entire XML file.

    You might also have to adjust the timeout for PHP processing in the php.ini file (mentioned in troubleshooting).  30 seconds was barely enough, so I changed it to 300.


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