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Net::ICal 0.15 is out

Net::ICal 0.15 is now available in the Reefknot files section and on CPAN. This version adds some bugfixes in packaging and testing; it also adds basic support for VTIMEZONEs.

Posted by Shane Landrum 2001-08-04

Date::ICal 1.27 is out

Date::ICal 1.27 was released a few days ago. This basic date object module is a base for Net::ICal. Thanks to DrBacchus for his work on this module over the last few weeks.

Posted by Shane Landrum 2001-08-04

Net::ICal 0.14 is released

Net::ICal 0.14 came out this week. See the Files section for a tarball and release notes.

Posted by Shane Landrum 2001-07-27

Net::ICal 0.13 is out

The first Reefknot release of Net::ICal is out. It's alpha level software; this means that there are plenty of bugs and incomplete functionality. We're putting it out there for people to look at and find more bugs in, and as a preview of the work we've accomplished in the last few months.

You'll need Perl 5.6.0 and Class::MethodMapper installed to play with it. Submit problems and questions to the Sourceforge bug tracker or to the mailing list.

Posted by Shane Landrum 2001-03-30


If you want to get involved in this project, the best way is to join the reefknot-devel mailing list, at

Posted by Kirrily Robert 2001-01-13

Bootstrap guide for Reefknot developers

If you'd like to get involved in Reefknot but don't know much about iCalendar, I've written a document that might help. It's in draft form on and comments would be very much appreciated.


Posted by Kirrily Robert 2001-01-13

Client server architecture

A draft document describing Reefknot client-server architecture has been published on

If you'd like to comment on it or help out with it, please join the reefknot-devel mailing list.


Posted by Kirrily Robert 2001-01-13

e-smith, inc supports reefknot

e-smith, inc (, developers of an open source Internet server and gateway product, have offered to
support Reefknot by allocating developer resources (i.e. yours
truly) to the project.

Posted by Kirrily Robert 2000-12-07

Mailing lists now work

reefknot-users and reefknot-devel are now working, for those who would like to subscribe. See and respectively.

Posted by Kirrily Robert 2000-12-04

Eeek! Lost some emails.

I somehow managed to lose a couple of emails sent to me over the last couple of days at my address. If you sent me an email and haven't had a reply, please resend.

Posted by Kirrily Robert 2000-11-26

Mailing lists FUBAR

Sourceforge seems to have something weird going on so that the mailing lists created for this project can't be admin'd or subscribed to or anything. Please use the "open discussion" forum for general questions, or email me ( if you want to be put on the informal Cc list for Reefknot discussions.

Posted by Kirrily Robert 2000-11-26

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