problem with Creating users and adding events

  • Eric

    Eric - 2007-07-28

    I was getting a DB error message when I tried to create a user.
    I then went to include/admin.php and added else return $cal_db->sql_error();
    It now says Field 'first_name' doesn't have a default value. I only have boxes for username and password nothing for the first name. I tried the page in both IE and Firefox same issue.

    When I add a event it says Unable to complete the update.

    In my config I am using the root user and password for the mysql database for testing I have setup a DB called reece and all the tables are in the DB. Also mysql is version 5.0.45.

    Config file information
    // the sql server host - this is usually "localhost" if the database server is on the same machine
    // the sql database user that php will log in with
    // the sql database user's password
    // this defines the connection is to a mysql database.  This is the only one supported at the moment.
    // this is the name of the database the calendar tables are stored in.
    // this is the prefix of the database tables.  If you change the names of the tables, you need to change this.
    // this is the user password salt.  do not change this unless you know what you are doing!
    define("CAL_SQL_PASSWD_SALT", "!saltismyfriend!");

    // the root username for the system
    // the default root user password (overwritten later from options table)

    // This adds extra path info to where it looks for the css, javascript, and language files.
    // normally this is blank, but if you are loading the calendar from a file in a
    // different directory, you will probalby need to this for it to find the files it needs.
    // This defines if the calendar is stand alone, or integrated into a website
    define("CAL_STAND_ALONE", TRUE);   // true or false
    // only used if CAL_STAND_ALONE is true.  Sets the title tags in the html header to this.
    define("CAL_STAND_ALONE_TITLE","Reece PHP Calendar");
    // this defines if you want to use a query designed for MySQL 5.0.0 and above or a query deisgned for MySQL 4.1.1 and above.
    define("CAL_SQL_MYSQL_5", True);  //  Change to false if you don't have MySQL 5 yet!

    Any suggestions I’m at a loss Thanks

    • Reece

      Reece - 2007-07-30

      That is a database issue.  Your version of MySQL is requiring a value for the first_name column since no default is specified in the database, and my script is not specifying the first_name (havn't put that functionality there yet).

      You can either add the default with something like this:
      ALTER TABLE cal_users CHANGE first_name first_name VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT ''

      OR you can just drop the column since it's not used right now:
      alter table cal_users drop column first_name

      (ps:  I think the user table is named cal_users, but don't have access to my system right now so I can't check, so you might have to verify that for those queries)

    • Anonymous - 2009-01-14

      I am not having a problem adding users, although I am getting an error message saying "unable to complete the update". I've been looking at everything line by line and I'm going mad because I cant see anything wrong.  Any ideas??


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