Only Root-User can see Events

  • TwoNinE

    TwoNinE - 2007-05-22

    Hi there,

    I'm just gettin familiar with the script and I love it so far!!!
    But one problem occurred:
    I embedded the script in a php-site, no big deal.
    Logged in as Root I created some Testevents with diffrent settings.
    Everything worked pretty fine, the events made it to the DB,
    I could see and modify/delete them etc.
    But once I logged out as Root, all Events where gone.
    Even the Searchfunction was for no avail.
    I logged back in: everything reappeared.
    Long story short:
    I scaned the code a little and found the function

    "function cal_get_eventlist_5".

    With the following line of the function commented out I made @least
    the non-private events appear for non-root-users:

    "if(!cal_permission("read")) return NULL;"

    Now this is obviously not a clean solution.
    What could be the problem
    Thx for help


    • TwoNinE

      TwoNinE - 2007-05-22

      Sorry guys, since I'm using the 0.8 version I meant to post in the
      corresponding forum.
      Maybe someone can relocate my post!? Thx!
      Sorry for the confusion


    • Reece

      Reece - 2007-05-23

      If you log in as root, go to the admin section (link at the bottom) and give the "read" permission to the anonymous user.  That will allow everyone to see the events even if they are not logged in.

      commenting out that line removed the permission check.


    • TwoNinE

      TwoNinE - 2007-05-23

      Thank you Reece. That worked out...
      So I was a little hasty asking...

      Anyway: In the last two days I almost finished translating
      your calendar into german.
      So if you're interested, gimme a hint.

      Thanks again.



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