This Sound good

  • Marty Buchaus

    Marty Buchaus - 2002-07-11

    This Sounds like a good Idea any news on the release date???

    • Hauser Marcel

      Hauser Marcel - 2002-08-30

      Yeah... i was busy all the time.... sorry about that... i hope i can release a beta version soon (during or at the beginning of September)

    • Derrick HEffelfinger

      This does sound great.  I didn't think of putting the configs on floppy, excellent idea.  It would be nice to have VNC and Ethereal on the box as well.  This way if a network seems to be attacked a lot, I can diagnose it in real time.

    • Hauser Marcel

      Hauser Marcel - 2002-11-04

      well... nmap is included.... ntop is included (network analysis)... there is no need for vnc... since i'am not running any kind of x server on the firewall :) ... of couse... ssh is included...

      Cheers Marcel

      BTW: i'am thinking of uploading my preRelease version!... so you guys can try it :).. but i have no time at all.. right now :(...


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