I'm fairly new to REDUCE and have a few questions about the system.
My interests as a user are to apply REDUCE to problems in plasma physics
(mostly MHD) in the short run and problems in general relativistic MHD
in the longer term.

1) The FIDE/GENTRAN packages make REDUCE particularly attractive
to me. From a few web searches, I see a paper about an extended form
of GENTRAN called GENTRAN 90. Has this been merged into the
2) The tensor related programs like ATENSOR and CANTENS are
naturally of interest. From skimming the documentation, I gather they
are both indicial manipulation packages. Some other computer algebra
systems include componant based manipulations (e.g. Maxima uses the
ctensor and itensor packages for each paradigm). I presume REDUCE
can also do this. Where would I look for these capabilities? Or will I
need to implement them?
3) Can standard lisp be regarded as a subset of common lisp? This is
implied on Page 2 of Marti's RLISP '88 when states that RLISP works
on "the various Common Lisp systems." Could REDUCE be built using
common lisp?