I did all you suggested, this is the result in TeXmacs 1.99.1  (actually, the SVN version):

Reduce (Free CSL version), 13-May-14 …



So TeXmacs still hangs.

On 05/14/2014 17:40, Eberhard Schruefer wrote:
Please try with this in your .reducerc

if getenv("TEXMACS_REDUCE_PATH") then load tmprint$
if getenv("TEXMACS_REDUCE_PATH") or memq('texmacs,lispsystem!*) then
   <<prin2 int2id 2;prin2 "command:(toggle-session-math-input)";prin2 int2id 5>>$



On 14/05/14 16:54, Kostas Oikonomou wrote:
Hello Eberhard,

This is what I did with the plugin.

1) By looking at the plugin's code, it seems that the plugin does not
need ~/.reducerc, so I did not install that file.

2) I did the installation of the CSL version of reduce by hand:

mkdir -p ${PREFIX}/bin
cp ${REDUCECSL}/reduce ${PREFIX}/bin
cp ${REDUCECSL}/reduce.img ${PREFIX}/bin
cp -r ${REDUCECSL}/reduce.doc ${PREFIX}
cp -r packages ${PREFIX}

3) Then I have a link:

/opt/bin/redcsl -> /opt/reduce-csl/bin/reduce.

4) What happens with this setup is that the "Reduce" menu shows up in
TeXmacs, but the initialization doesn't finish.  This is likely due to
the fact that running by hand

/opt/reduce-csl/bin/reduce --texmacs

does not wrap output in LaTeX, I don't know why.  But if I explicitly
load the tmprint package, it does.

5) Another issue is that the symbolic link makes

  (get-reduce-doc-dir reduce-bin-path)

get the wrong path for the docs.


On 05/13/2014 05:57, Eberhard Schruefer wrote:
I just commited a TeXmacs plugin that works with CSL and PSL to the
repository in the generic directory.
Please check it out.


On 13/05/14 01:19, Kostas Oikonomou wrote:
Dear Arthur,

Thank you for the detailed reply.