Not much activity on this (deserted ?) forum that I can see...

Using the Revision 323 (as of Fri May 29, 2009) under cygwin on a Dell running MS Windows XP Home Ed. (Service Pack 2 Build 2600),

configuration --with-psl

seemed to work although it reported a check sum discrepancy with the Master in fetching the PSL binaries.

However bpslw.exe worked OK by itself after the usual clearing of a break loop
Portable Standard LISP
1 lisp> ***** unknown callback mode: (16 0 0 0)
Break loop
2 lisp break (1) > (reset)
Portable Standard LISP
1 lisp>

{Note. Before I retired in July 2000 I used PSL and Reduce from Reduce 2 (sic!) up to PSL 4.2 & Reduce3.7.

In retirement I could not afford buying myself the professional version from ZIB and I switched to free Maxima. (My interests are in Clifford Algebra & Analysis, Differential & Noncommutative Geometry.)

I welcome Tony's initiative to make Reduce free.}

Then full of hope I try make but I soon figured out from the Performance Monitor file bootstrap.blg that something was amiss.

The hang up seems to be that the gcdn function requested by the compiler is left undefined and the resulting break loop is not recoverable.

Yet gcdn is in packages/alg/ as it always was...

%  Numerical greatest common divisor.

symbolic procedure gcdn(u,v);
%  U and v are integers. Value is absolute value of gcd of u and v.
   if v = 0 then abs u else gcdn(v,remainder(u,v));

Any idea someone (if the forum is not deserted !) on what's the problem there ?

Many thanks in anticipation.

Regards from Oz !

Dr Rene' J M Grognard