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  • ghr

    ghr - 2010-07-15

    I ran some checks on the Reduce interactive lessons 1-7 from David Stoutemyer. Ideally I would have had a completely functional Reduce 2 version…. What I had:
    - Reduce win32 demo version (REDUCE 3.8, 15-Apr-04 …) (this is also a CSL version)
    - Reduce DOS demo version (3.6 15-Oct-1995) (runs under Win95 DOS when booted into DOS)
    - Reduce 3.8 SourceForge version (Reduce (Free CSL version), 21-Oct-09 …)

    I created a 'test shell', e.g.:

    off fancy;
    out "les1.result";
    in "red_lessons\";
    shut "les1.result";


    and compared outputs… Sadly enough the Reduce DOS demo doesn't save files. Next, the REDUCE 3.8 win32 demo version does have a single bug or so (different output e.g. when solving the quadratic equation) but that's correct in the 21-Oct-09 version.

    The results:
    - lesson 2 needs off fancy; the others don't (already in the "Using fancy on makes warning disappear" posting)
    - lesson 4 redefines the built-in COT function, which is not allowed. Output suggests to tell Hearn.. (already in the "Using fancy on makes warning disappear" posting)
    - remark: sometimes large blocks of text are dumped so some manual scrolling is required.

    So the good news is that I did not see any NEW errors (note that output from fancy switch is still being improved).

  • Arthur Norman

    Arthur Norman - 2011-08-11

    GHR: can you please send me an email from an account not at sourceforge since it appears when I try to "reply" to the address you use there teh message does not reach you… Arthur


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