Arthur Norman - 2009-06-21

I have had what seems to me to be trouble wrt compatibility across systems in the use of libtool. This may merely be my incompetence, but its use is almost incidental. So I have just checked in a bunch of changes that make things LIBRARY not LTLIBRARY in files and so only do static linking but will I *HOPE* be a bit more robust for that. At the same time I have tidied up removing some files that were relevant when Reduce was not open source or in the transition but should not be needed any more. I have done build tests on recent Fedora, SuSE and  Ubuntu, and on MacOSX Tiger and Windows, and coaxed FreeBSD to build with it. At present I have not got a Solaris that has eveything I need installed so there are problems there. Please tell me if you try this and find glitches. Arthur