bugs on "sqrt()"

  • Jianxiong  Wang

    Jianxiong Wang - 2009-10-29

    There is a bug on the free version REDUCE, REDUCE3.8
    on "sqrt".  it behavies like:

    /auto/home90/fdc08 79: reduce_op
    Loading image file :/usr/local/reduce_open/pslbuild/x86_64-unknown-fedora7/red/reduce.img
    Reduce (Free PSL version), 30-Sep-2009 …

    1: a:=(1-x)**2;

    a := x **2 - 2*x + 1

    2: sqrt(a);

    x - 1

    But it should be:   abs(1-x)

  • Eberhard Schruefer

    This has been fixed now. It was a regression. Additionally I added a new switch precise_complex which, when tuned on, would leave the sqrt above unchanged as for general complex-valued x in the example above the simplification would not be valid.


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