PSL Reduce cannot load packages on Windows

  • Thomas Sturm

    Thomas Sturm - 2009-08-19

    There is a user having problems to compile PSL Reduce on Windows:

    The symptom is that "load groebner;" fails. I can reproduce this.

    I am observing the following:

    1. Actually building of most if not all non-core packages fails.

    2. The build logs indicate that loading "datamachine" fails.

    3. There is datamach.b but not datamachine.b present in the psl directory. So I tried a quick fix by copying, which did not work.

    4. I then noticed that I cannot load any package from the red or psl directory unless I am inside the corresponding directory. lisp loaddirectories!* give me pathes to red and psl which start like:


    It appears to me that these do not work.

    Any idea?


    • Winfried Neun

      Winfried Neun - 2009-08-20


      I'll have a look. The cygwin method cannot work since these binaries are not compatible with the DAISY.b file. For the time being, I recommend to download

      and unzip it. Afterwards, setup\setup does the right thing, I hope.



    • Winfried Neun

      Winfried Neun - 2009-08-20


      in any case  it is required to set the environment variable reduce to the root
      of the Reduce file tree,, e.g. c:\reduce. This can be done using

      Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables


    • kaygbenro

      kaygbenro - 2009-08-20

      Using this ( ) resulted in thesame error message

      ***** error in loading groebner or package not found 
      **** error in loading package DAISY or package not found



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