• Thomas Sturm

    Thomas Sturm - 2009-03-25

    I have started to work a bit on the REDUCE wiki. Maybe other developers want to have a look ... and join!

    I did so far not find any way to search this wiki?

    It would be helpful if someone knows how to do this or knows that this is really impossible.


    • Thomas Sturm

      Thomas Sturm - 2009-04-10

      I am going to comment on my own question:

      After finding other project wikis that have a search bar, I
      had an email exchange with the Sourceforge support on it.

      Their first reply was:

      > I'm not sure which Wiki you are using on
      > However, my first hand experience with the Trac (Hosted
      > App) wiki proves out that search engine. We use Trac for
      > our Site Documentation,
      > as well as our support support ticketing system,
      > The search box there gets
      > me the results I need every time. I know that a lof of
      > folks are also very happy with the MediaWiki facility.

      I then replied that I assume we are using wikispaces, which
      appears to me to be standard with Sourceforge, and I gave
      them a link to our current wiki. Their reply:

      > This is the Wiki Spaces wiki. I looked over my project and
      > did not find a useful or functional search facility. If
      > you would like to see this addressed, we could submit a
      > Request For Enhancement (RFE -
      > However, my strong recommendation would be to migrate to
      > one of the Hosted Apps wiki facilities we have made
      > available to projects. You can enable these via your
      > project summary page
      > (<project_UNIX_name>),
      > Project Admin Feature Settings > Available Features /
      > Menu.

      I think that a missing search is a HUGE disadvantage of a
      wiki. So I would like to switch very soon. I am going to
      invesitigate the options now.

      Please comment - and I might need a mouseclick by someone
      with the necessary priviliges at some point.



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