Arthur Norman - 2010-06-27

I am doing some housekeeping related to clashes between different packages. Eg defint and cantens used to conflict and could not both be loaded at once becuse one defined a function called "delta" while the other would not run its test script id delta was defined as a function. Similarly linalg defining "jacobian" and trigint a function called just "k" clashed with other code and measn that some test files would not run with them loaded. So I have altered the names. If anybody outside those package sis using the names (and this will ESPECIALLY impact the linalg/jacobian case - now called mat_jacobian) I apologise for any inconvenience and if they scream loudly enough I will to make the change (eg in fide, that introduced a matrix called jacobian so makes jacobian(a,b) reference that matris not a function from linalg). I may find some further similar conflicts.

Some people would say that this is all because Reduce uses just a single name-space.