reduce often hangs in suse10.3

  • nijso beishuizen

    I just downloaded the source (trunk) of reduce and compiled it under suse linux 10.3 using csl. everything compiled and I can run it, but reduce often hangs. I just type ./reduce in a shell and I noticed that it says this just before hanging (don't know if it's useful):
    end does not match begin properly
    Want 6/7 got 6/4
    Measure unknown box type 185: failing
    Paint unknown box type 185: failing
    Measure unknown box type 72: failing
    Paint unknown box type 72: failing

    I don't know where to start looking to improve the uptime/stability. Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.


    • Arthur Norman

      Arthur Norman - 2009-01-14

      OK, the "Paint unknown box" sort of things relate to the "fancy" display style that tries to be like typset maths. That is NEW and somewhat experimental, but was enabled by default at least to start getting it tested and because when it works I think it is pretty! You can switch it off by going "off fancy;" in whihc case the output formatting will be more of an "old-fashioned" style but may well be significantly more stable".  It might help if you could put a concrete minimal (ish) example that provokes the bad messages in the "bugs" section here so that (in due course - ther are no guarantees about how rapidly things get fixed in open source projects!) it does not get lost...
      Arthur Norman


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