cygwin build broken

  • pstnotpd

    pstnotpd - 2009-04-04

    I'm trying to build the csl version on windows cygwin with ./configure --with-csl and make install.
    The april 3 version of the sourcetree produces an incredible amount of make processes and hangs my PC. A simple make doesn't produce .img files so csl won't start.

    The previous version builds fine.


    • Arthur Norman

      Arthur Norman - 2009-04-04

      The source archive I think you are referring to was put there to accompany a Macintosh binary, and I have not checked that it is in good shape on either windows or linux - apart from your report I have no special reason to expect that there ought to be a problem, but I will leave it to Thomas who posted it to check and report further.

      Meanwhile you could try as an alternative a version from subversion - it is easy to fetch using
      just the command

      svn co reduce-algebra

      (which makes you a new directory called reduce-algebra with everything in) and I hope will work properly for you.

      Also in GENERAL if a build gets really messed up it is siometimes worth trying
        rm -rf cslbuild
        ./configure --with-csl
      to start without any trace of the previous build attempt. And on course on windows it almost always makes sense to reboot early and often when things have got REALLY hung up! So I do not know what the issue is but this may give you a way past it. Arthur

    • Thomas Sturm

      Thomas Sturm - 2009-04-04

      There appears to be something wrong indeed. I wil have to have another look but it appears to me that it affects "only" the doc directory.

      I think you have got a very good chance to get it working quickly as follows:

      * cd to cslbuild/i686-pc-windows

      * say "make fox". This should just repeat a lot of installs and finish quite quickly.

      * say "make csl".

      Generally, I think if you are interested in compiling yourself, it is best to follow Arthur's suggestion and check-out the svn tree.

      My motivation for this release was to distribute and get feedback on some changes in the Mac frontend. I put a snapshot of the sources as well because this appears to be some rule on Sourceforge. In fact, I did not expect users to take these sources for compilation. Now I know better and will check them more carefully.

      Anyway, please understand that none of the developers has the hardware available to verify such a source distribution for all possible architectures.

      Sorry for the inconvenience, and if you want to try my suggestions above, and there are further problems, which I am not observing here, then I would like to learn about this.


    • pstnotpd

      pstnotpd - 2009-04-07

      No problem, just thought I'd mention the build troubles if people decide to try building from these sources. I can work with the previous version just fine. I tried deleting the cslbuild tree but that didn't work. Going to try the svn checkout.

      I tried Thomas` suggestion but that still doesn't build the .img files, which seems to be the main problem. The executables are there, they just won't start because there's no initial image.

      My primary interest right now is actually the underlying csl. I noticed the pdf doc and was wondering how much of the old cambridge lisp documentation is still applicable.


      • Arthur Norman

        Arthur Norman - 2009-04-07

        It is MUCH better that people report any glitches than not. It is good in at least two ways. The first is that it leads to us trying to fix them, but what is GOOD for me at least is that it shows that there is somebody who is interested, and that helps keep me cheerful!
        The archive that bit you was really just intended for the Macintosh version and there are release notes associated with it that probably say that - but probably not that many people see the "notes" button as something they are really even aware of, far less something to click on and read! And what seems to my mind even worse is that until you click on the "package" you only get offered the most recent release and so may not see the Windows etc binaries or the older source archives!

        Re Cambridge Lisp I note that that really nowadays counts as "one from the vaults" but CSL ineffect started as a re-work of Cambridge Lisp into C rather than BCPL. CSL was started in 1988 and Cambridge Lisp active work stopped around then. So just by organic growth over 20 years things will have changed. But the Lisp dialect remains basically "Standard Lisp" as per the old Standard Lisp report - any other documentation tends to be in the form of comments in the source code. If you have some special thing you are interested in doing with it contact me!

      • pstnotpd

        pstnotpd - 2009-04-07

        Happy to report the svn build works fine.



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