Reduce and Gnuplot on Windows Vista

  • Heike Koch-Beuttenmüller

    I have downloaded the newest Windows zip file from reduce and extracted it  on a computer with Windows Vista.
    The REDUCE  windows application is working (I tried some simple commands.) For instance, loading package factor and factoring the example in the help worked.

    But I have problems to plot:

    After loading the package gnuplot I tried:

    plot(cos x);

    and I am getting the following error message:

    +++ Error unable to establish pipe: "C:\Program Files\REDUCE\wgnuplot"

    Of course there is no wgnuplot in the REDUCE directory. What have I to do to get it ?

    Thank you very much for any help.


    • Arthur Norman

      Arthur Norman - 2009-03-21

      Elsewhere on sourceforge (and at various other places) you can find gnuplot, and at present you need to fetch that separately and put wgnuplot.exe and any associated files where Reduce can find them. is a good placeto find the files!

      For Linux etc it will also be necessary to install gnuplot using whatever normal software management tools your system has.

      At present we do not put a gnuplot binary in with the reduce binary release, even though the gnuplot licence is very flexible and would permit that. This is because the sourceforge terms of use require that if we put a binary of ANYTHING in their file release systsm we also have to put corresponding source there. At present it would seem silly and potentially confusing to put a copy of gnuplot sources in the reduce file release area where they would not get updated and where it could cause confusion vs. the gnuplot stuff elsewhere on sourceforge, so until we have worried through just how to square all the rules plus our own inclinations you have to find your own copy of  (or whatever) and unpack that (for choice into the directory trunk/cslbuild/i686-pc-windows/csl where the files reduce.exe, and reduce.img live). Specifically you want the files from the "bin" directory in that archive put in the same place where the actual reduce *.exe/*.com/*.img files live, including wgnuplot.exe...

      Hope this helps. Arthur

    • Arthur Norman

      Arthur Norman - 2009-03-28

      The subversion copy may now auto-install a copy of gnuplot in the Windows case. IN the fullness of time that will surface as a fresh snapshot too. For the moment my GUESS is that on Linux etc it will be better to get users to install gnuplot using their OS software management tools...


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