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Gabor Sz.
  • Gabor Sz.

    Gabor Sz. - 2009-03-09

    Dear All,

    I downloaded a binary package called "DAISY" which contains certain differential algebraic computation functions that I would like to use for my project. It is a binary file with the name "DAISY.B". The package was made for REDUCE 3.8 and the original project homepage ( is given as a link in the documentation. The manual says the following about loading the package:

    CD "C:\DAISY"$

    However, it seems that the "CD" (or "cd") command is not working in this version of reduce, since I always get the following question:

    Declare cd operator ?  (Y or N)

    Furthermore, it seems that I cannot load an external package that is not contained in the standard library file "reduce.img", because I get the following error message when attempting to load (even from the current reduce directory from where I can read files with the "in" command).

    load DAISY;
    Failed to find "C:\reduce\reduce.img(daisy)"
    ***** error in loading package daisy or package not found

    load "c:\daisy\daisy;"
    Failed to find "C:\reduce\reduce.img(daisy;)"

    ***** error in loading package c:\daisy\daisy.b; or package not found

    I tried every combination that I could think of (given directory, current directory, with/wo extension etc.) with essentially the same error messages. I can easily load and use the standard built in packages either from the menu or from the command line. I would be grateful for any help.

    Best regards,

    • Thomas Sturm

      Thomas Sturm - 2009-03-09

      The *.b files work exclusively with PSL-based Reduce. I suspect that you are using a CSL-based Reduce?

      If you do not know, please go

      lisp lispsystem!*;

      This outputs a list, which contains either "csl" or "psl".


      • Gabor Sz.

        Gabor Sz. - 2009-03-09

        Dear Thomas,

        Thank you for the quick help. My version is CSL-based, since the response for "lisp lispsystem!*; " is the following:

        (reduce csl (version . "6.03") (name . "win32") (shortname . "reduce") (
        executable . "C:\reduce\reduce.exe") showmath windowed termed pipes (c!-code .
        677) (native . 0) (opsys . win32) (compiler!-command gcc
        !-!Dfontsdir!=reduce!.fonts !-mno!-cygwin !-mno!-cygwin !-funsigned!-char
        !-shared !-fno!-strict!-aliasing !-!O2) (linker . win32) win32)

        Can I obtain a PSL-based Reduce or is there any other way to use this binary package?

        Thanks again,

    • Thomas Sturm

      Thomas Sturm - 2009-03-09

      At present, you have to compile the PSL-based version yourself from the sources. We are working on this.

      It would be less complicated to compile your package for CSL Reduce if you could get the the source code. This would be



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