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Error file could not be opened

  • Peter Gawthrop

    Peter Gawthrop - 2011-08-04

    I'm using reduce installed from the  getdeb repository package on Ubuntu linux 11.04. I have previously used the ZIB version as part of my sf hosted project mtt.

    The problem is that
      in file;
    seems to need an absolute path name; it didn't  previously. The following shows the problem:

    peterg@peter-ThinkPad-X201:~/JUNK/mtt$ reduce -w
    Reduce (Free CSL version), 08-Jul-11 …

    1: in "/home/peterg/JUNK/mtt/foo.r";
    matrix a(2,3);



    2: in "foo.r";

    +++ Error file could not be opened: "foo.r"


    Help appreciated.


  • Arthur Norman

    Arthur Norman - 2011-08-04

    The getdeb version is not under my control, and so any particular issues about it as distint from the files fetched here from Sourceforge need to be referred to the very useful and helpful people at getdeb.

    I observe that their version installs a file called reduce in /usr/bin that contains
      #! /bin/sh
    cd /usr/lib/reduce-algebra/
    ./reduce $@

    I can see that they do the "cd" there (whihc is obviously what is messing up your current directory) with a view that that will let reduce find its resources, but that shoudl not be necessary. I believe that if they either changes their install scripts to make /usr/bin/reduce a symblic link to /usr/lib/reduce-algebra/reduce or to make their script just
      #! /bin/sh
      /usr/lib/reduce-algebra/reduce $@
    all might behave. I HOPE. But you could try either of those changes to /usr/bin/reduce for yourself to see if they behave as required.  The same will apply to csl in the getdeb version too. If this does fix it for you please ensure that the getdeb maintainers are aware…


  • Peter Gawthrop

    Peter Gawthrop - 2011-08-04

    Hi Arthur,

      changing /usr/bin/reduce to

    #! /bin/sh
    /usr/lib/reduce-algebra/reduce $@

    does the trick. I'll now write to the getdeb people.

    Many thanks,



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