Further problems with the physop-package

  • Andy

    Andy - 2011-12-13


    sorry I've some further problems with the physop package:

    I don't understand why I get a warning in the last line. In the documentation (marked on the right side) I found that a warning is only printed if the operator's application on the left state also fails. But in line 14 is this application declared…

    Two further questions:

    If I know only the application of some operators on a state (but not of every operator) - is it possible that reduce simplifies the expression as far as possible and doesn't touch the rest - at the moment reduce always terminates with a warning and a (often) wrong result (e.g. A!+*A!+|U (where the application of A!+ isn't declared) results in A!+|U)

    The last question: Is there a possibility to superscript the adjoint-symbol (and inverse-symbol) in the output? At the moment it es printed like a normal "+".

    Thank you very much for help,


  • Eberhard Schruefer

    Hello Andreas,

    From the error message "attempt to take car of an atom" it looks like physop is expecting the state u to have an argument.
    This might be a bug in the physop package. I would suggest that we discuss this again via private e-mail.

    Concerning printing, the adjoint symbol is printed as a superscript if you are using the command line interface (redcsl -w).
    For the interface you use some code would still have to be written.



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