Problem with gnuplot 4.4 and reduce

  • mdavidson2

    mdavidson2 - 2010-09-19

    I'm using Windows XP.
    When I put the gnuplot 4.4 binary files into the reduce folder, and then run reduce, the wgnuplot.exe launches ok but no plot appears if I type plot(sin(x)); for example.  If I try any gnuplot(command) type of pipes, again nothing happens.  I used to get plots when using the original version that came with my reduce install which was gnuplot 4.2, but there were other problems.  I have the latest windows install for reduce (2009-10-21).  I guess there is some problem with the piping, but I couldn't find a script file that is setting up piping.  Any ideas? 

  • Arthur Norman

    Arthur Norman - 2010-09-20

    If you have fetched all the Reduce sources you can look in packages/plot for all the code that deals with gnuplot. Well also if you are using the CSL version of Reduce the the file csl/cslbase/sysfwin.c has a load of special code that uses SendMessage to transmit stuff to gnuplot.

    We include a gnuplot executable in the windows case because that will be the version we have tested with!!!! Do you know what the gnuplot people have changed between 4.2 and 4.4?

    Hmm - I just downloaded gnuplot 4.4 and moved its files into the directory where the Reduce executable lives to replace the 4.2 versions. I seem to have to copy a LOT of extra .dll files before it will launch, and I will not move our Reduce release to include a gnuplot 4.4 until and unless I can check the license of all of those to ensure that thay are as BSD-friendly as the main gnuplot license! And also from a Reduce perspecive needing all those files would feel like a big buisance. However when I had done that I tried it (on 64-bit windows 7, but with a 32-bit reduce executable) and it plotted sin x for me.

    Did you copy ALL the files that the newer gnuplt needs into the reduce folder?


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