s.t. - 2009-06-01

Hi All.

A number of posts in mailing list and forum
discussions indicate that, at the current state,
installation and configuration of OpenSource
Reduce sometimes encounter difficulties.
Nevertheless, until these are resolved,
the fully functional PSL-based
reduce can be started up and exploited
with the help of an “autonomous self-contained”
reduce installation which is built in the form of a
LiveCD and is freely available at URL
In fact, the package enables one to launch
reduce on any (or almost any) Intel-x86
-compatible hardware including systems
of fairly mild performance.
The shortest way to utilize this opportunity is as follows:
1)to download (itself or to download the
sources+data and  to generate) the LiveCD compressed iso-image  file (which  is as large
as of 15 MB only!),
2)to burn it on CD blank,
3)to boot the computer from this CD.
(Instead of 2) and 3) one may also make use
of a VM such as VirtualBox, for example,
- then the rebooting of computer for reduce invoking is not required.)
If one succeeds with these steps,
the ready-to-use reduce installation should
Thank all for attention.