#28 support srcdir containing spaces or parens


the configure script does not work within directories that contain spaces (or parens or other shell sensitive chars) in the path:

configure: Absolute path to source directory = /local/maeder/reduce algebra/trunk
checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
in-place build attempt = yes
configure: host=i686-pc-linux-gnu args= '--with-csl'
./scripts/findhost.sh: line 94: /local/maeder/reduce: is a directory
./scripts/findhost.sh: line 94: /local/maeder/reduce: is a directory
configure: Will build in the i686-unknown- subdirectory
configure: +++ Will build in /local/maeder/reduce algebra/trunk/cslbuild/i686-unknown-
./configure: line 2542: test: /local/maeder/reduce: binary operator expected
cp: cannot stat `algebra/trunk/csl/generated-c': No such file or directory
cp: will not create hard link `algebra/trunk/cslbuild/reduce' to directory `algebra/trunk/cslbuild/reduce'
configure: passcc =
configure: doconfig = /bin/sh /local/maeder/reduce algebra/trunk/configure '--with-csl' CPPFLAGS="" CFLAGS="" CXXFLAGS="" LDFLAGS="" --with-build="i686-unknown-" --with-pslbuild="i686-unknown-"
/local/maeder/reduce: /local/maeder/reduce: is a directory


  • Arthur Norman

    Arthur Norman - 2011-09-08

    I know. I fixed some issues but for now just avoid this case. At some stage I will be posting just this repoe
    rt against wxWidgets. Arthur

  • Rainer Schöpf

    Rainer Schöpf - 2011-09-09

    I don't see how we can make this work. The scripts can be adapted, but make and the Makefiles are the problem. If you have something like

    srcdir=/local/maeder/reduce algebra/trunk/somefile
    $(srcdir)/somefile: some_other_file

    in a Makefile, make will interpret the second line as

    /local/maeder/reduce algebra/trunk/somefile: some_other_file

    ie. as two files depending on some_other_file.

    So, without of replacing the autoconf/automake/makesuite by some other set of build tools I cannot get this to work.


  • Rainer Schöpf

    Rainer Schöpf - 2012-06-12
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix

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