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Fit-PC2 version of Wicker released

We've made Wicker work on the Fit-PC2, a tiny, Atom-based $349 minipc that's powerful enough to play HD video. Available for download now.

Posted by Eric Kanagy 2009-11-12

Beta 2008-11-21

Now available for download, biggest changes are upgrades to Firefox 3.04, security upgrades, and Adobe Flash 10.

Posted by Eric Kanagy 2008-11-21

Beta 2008-10-22

The newest version is now available for download...Flash, VLC video, and more.

Posted by Eric Kanagy 2008-10-23

New beta (2008-06-11) released

Lots of new features and bug fixes.

Posted by Eric Kanagy 2008-06-11

New beta released

The newest beta release of Wicker, our customized version of Ubuntu. Bug fixes, better reliability...what's not to like?!

Posted by Eric Kanagy 2008-05-19

Oops, new file uploaded

The wicker beta1 download from 4/6 wasn't complete. The new one should work. Sorry about that...

Posted by Eric 2008-04-09

Wicker available for download, new Sign(beta) launched

We just uploaded the completely re-done version of this project, moving from DSL to Ubuntu, with a built-in config process.

Our new Signs just launched as well, check it out at:

Posted by Eric 2008-04-07

Beta 2.3 now available for download

Changes include:

Beta 2.3 - 12/6/2007
- Added subdirectory support for local images
- Moved initialization scripts out of compressed image and into the root
of the boot-media for easier user configuration.
- Fixed TinyX server crash from booting w/ knoppix boot-time cheat codes.
- Optimized FireFox settings for faster image loading and rendering.
- Optimized boot time and eliminated unneeded hardware recognition
- Configured FireFox memory-usage settings to minimize or eliminate memory leaks
- Placed ndiswrapper drivers in root of boot media for easier setup/ hardware changes... read more

Posted by Eric 2007-12-06

Beta2 now available for download

The newest version of RedPost/OpenSource is now available for now supports Flickr accounts, URL loading, and is a bit less bloated

Posted by Eric 2007-08-21

RedPost/Kit is born

It's alive! And...crying? Isn't that what babies do right after being born?

Posted by Eric 2007-06-18