Please confirm - free for commercial use?

  • ntcsdds

    ntcsdds - 2012-02-08

    There is nothing on the site to suggest there needs to be any payment for
    commercial or business usage. I'm investigating free applications that we can
    use at work due to budget constraints. I'd like to evaluate this boot disk.

    Can you please confirm that this boot disk and all the applications included
    can be freely used without charge or licence fee in a commercial / business

    Many thanks

    PS. If it can be used, our software asset manager may ask me to provide an
    email from confirming this for our records - would this be

  • Michal Suchanek

    Michal Suchanek - 2012-02-13

    Redobackup is GPLv3, see bottom of

    It uses other Ubuntu packages which should use a license no more restrictive
    than that.

    You can review licenses of inidividual packages by downloading the live CD and
    looking in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

    The redo script itself is not packaged so you should use the page for licensing information.

    Note that GPL3 license allows commercial use free of charge but might require
    you to provide the code you use on request under some circumstances so check
    with your lawyer beforehand to make sure you can comply with such request if
    applicable. Note that Redo itself is a script that is present in source form
    on the CD and is only interpreted but the CD includes binary programs some of
    which are also licensed under GPL.


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