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Red Piranha Version 3 Available for Download

Red Piranha Version 3 is now available for Download as .zip and .tar.gz packages.

Features of this release are:

- learning ability , with feedback from user saved as RDF.
- network links and scoring (from XML-RDF) adjust lucene weighting
- speed and stability improvements
- parsing of favourites / bookmarks
- automatic reindexing of previously parsed documents
- load limiting (priority given to searches , documents parsed in background)
- plugins for easy extension of Red-Piranha (new data sources , new methods of searching)
- recovery from external failure (e.g. power loss) during search / indexing / parsing of documents
- optimization of document and index processing
- Bugfix: Nullpointers when searching against empty index.
- Look and feel enhancements (very like well known search engine)

Posted by Paul Browne 2005-02-11

Red Piranha Version 3 Release now available in CVS

Version 0_3 of Red Piranha is now available via CVS.

This release adds learning abilities to the Java-Lucene based search engine. All user feedback is stored in XML (rdf format) and can be edited / shared if required.

Posted by Paul Browne 2005-02-07

Red Piranha Version 2 Release - Faster and much more stable

Version number 2 of Red Piranha is now live at

This version is a lot faster , is a lot more stable and provides a good Lucene based search engine. It's a good foundation for all the RDF / Semantic and Feedback/Learning features we have lined up for version 3.

The version can be used in a number of ways - from a personal search engine (want google desktop search , but are running Linux or a Mac?) , to Intranet Search , or Integration with your development projects (it's written in Java/J2EE , but will successfully integrate with .Net , Perl , PHP and any number of Web / Command-Line / Other clients such as Eclipse and Flash.

Posted by Paul Browne 2004-12-23

Red-Piranha Version 0.1 Released

Finally, after 12 months of effort , we're here!

Posted by Paul Browne 2004-12-22