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It seems I've done it again. Thankfully Giovanni Scafora helped me once more, so r4
seems to be ok.

Thanks Giovanni!

Anyone that got r2 or r3 and faced no problems doesn't need to update.
If you've seen an error about gtkStatusIcon, then r4 should correct this problem.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-17


Fixed a bug in gtk version check.
Thanks to Giovanni Scafora for quickly reporting it.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-17



1. Support for gtk-StatusIcon (gtk >=2.10 ) , which if present, makes the egg(gnome-python-extras) dependency obsolete.
This can be good news to anyone not running gnome, though gtk2.10 is still pretty new.

2. Updated Italian translation by Giovanni Scafora

3. A couple of minor (and insignificant) changes.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-16


A new release is out for the frontend. Like I explained in the previous news-item this is a revising release.

Changes are:

*Italian translation by Giovanni Scafora
*Spanish translation by Jose "L. Redrejo" Rodriguez
*Applied patch from Giovanni Scafora to po/
(could cause compilation to get stuck and as such fail)
*Fix on $prefix env variable not expanding within $datadir.... read more

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-08

Roadmap, schedule

This is a brief explanation(if anyone's interested) on how things will go on from now.

The 0.2.x branch will go on only with bugfixing releases.
Meanwhile a 0.3.x branch will start but it will not produce any releases.
It will be obtainable through CVS under the module, rMD-exp
(it is there already, but it may take a while before changes appear).
When it's stable and optimized enough, it will be released as a 0.4 branch.... read more

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-07

recordMydesktop and AIGLX-beryl/compiz, etc.

recordMyDesktop when run on top of a compositing window
manager(beryl/compiz, soon metacity) will not record anything but the cursor.
This can be rectified by using the --full-shots option, coupled with
--with-shared but it will still require vast amounts of cpu power and it
will lose many frames.

This situation applies when running with full 3d hardware support, such as 7.1 with intel drivers.
The videos of Xgl have been removed to avoid any misconceptions.... read more

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-06

recordMyDesktop 0.2.6, gtk-recordMyDesktop-0.2.1

These releases have many significant changes.

recordMyDesktop is now a lot more stable. A major enhancement is that now it can record
sound without interruptions.
Also there are many internal changes which improve the overall reliability of the application.
A huge memory leak was fixed, as well as the reason for a segmentation fault that could
happen while recording.

gtk-recordMyDesktop, on the other hand, comes now with a vastly superior interface. The idea
for this interface comes from Jose "L. Redrejo" Rodriguez, so big thanks to him.... read more

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-02

recordMyDesktop 0.2.5, gtk-recordMyDesktop-0.2

New release for both the frontend and the

The most obvious change in recordMyDesktop is that now recording
of the real cursor is supported. There are other changes as well,
related mostly to program behavior and defaults.
Check the changelog for more.

gtk-recordMyDesktop on the other hand, has many new options.
The changelog entry is the following:

*Separated functionality in tabs.
*synced options to recordMyDesktop-0.2.5.
*Right click oin tray icon now has a menu.
*Added 'About' dialog.
*New option to select the area over which the
next recording will take place.
*Exit status notification.
*Abnormal termination notification.
*New Options:
i) Startup delay.
ii) sound device,channels and frequency.
iii) video and audio encoding quality.
iv) Display to connect to.
v) Disable/Enable Shared memory extension.
vi) Drop frames(theora encoder option).
vii) Threshold for conditional use of MIT-Shm.
viii) Quick-subsampling.... read more

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-09-19


gtk-recordMyDesktop is a pyGtk frontend to
recordMyDesktop, meant to simplify usage.
This is the first release, so only a subset of
the possible options are offered. Future
versions will provide more precise control
over the end result. Right now, through the
interface, the user can set the following
options :
i) Framerate
ii)Fake mouse cursor color(or disable it)
iii)Sound On/Off
iv)Full shots on/off( to enable recording
of video and 3d windows)
v) Filename... read more

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-09-05

Elive video!(unstable_beta-3.1_20060807)

This a recording of the newest (at the moment),
development version of Elive. If you haven't
seen enlightenment and/or elive in action
before, you will be very surprised!

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-08-14

XGL on SLED 10 video

There is a new recording at the Videos section
of the project site, showcasing a bunch of XGL
effects on SLED 10. Be sure to check it out!
Feel free to contact me if you have any
questions about making your own recordings.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-08-11

recordMyDesktop 0.2.4

This release addresses mainly a problem
present at certain resolutions/window sizes that caused display to appear completely distorted.
There are also a couple of other bugfixes.
More details here:

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-08-11

(Better and more correct)Debian package for recordMyDesktop

Jose "L. Redrejo" Rodriguez informed me of making a debian package
(both sources and binary) for recordMyDesktop, which you can get

Directly from his mail:

"""It's been done following the Debian policy and compiled in a clean
pbuilder system, so the dependencies should be correct. I've compiled it
in a Sarge system with a libtheora backport from testing, so it should
work (and compile) in any Debian sid, testing and Sarge (with the
libtheora debian backports, available at )"""... read more

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-08-02

recordMyDesktop 0.2.3

More bugfixes!
Previous versions produced erroneous results on on powerpcs (and all big endian architectures).
This problem has been fixed (thanks to Marcel Unbehaun for bringing up the problem
and providing the neccessary feedback to resolve it) and now you can record your linux/powerpc as well.
Also failure to respect change in channels number, while opening soundcard, which resulted
in crashes, segfaults and repeated error-messages has been fixed.
There are some other non-critical bugfixes,too.
Of course this is still alpha-software so if you notice any problem feel free to contact me.
Happy recording!

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-07-31

recordMyDesktop 0.2.2

This version corrects two problems.
The first one is that the rgb to yuv conversion is now more accurate (version 0.2.1 produced less accurate results).
The second problem was failure to resolve X dependencies during compilation on certain configurations(while all proper headers and libraries were present).
If you previously faced this problem and now it is solved, or if it is still present, please let me know, either by mail or by posting on the forums.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-07-29

Xgl on Dapper video!

I just added a short video of Xgl on dapper, so if you are interested you can find it at the Videos section. That's probably the last video, unless any new features come up.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-07-22

recordMyDesktop 0.2.1

This release fixes a few bugs, adds a few options
and improves performance.
Bugs fixed are:

Unupdated lines when closing or moving a window.
Distorted cursor at the borders of the recording.
Incorrect display of windows that partially belonged
to the recording area.
Size adjustment, which resulted in direct addition of
pixels, is now handled more properly.Changes are smaller
and more symmetrically spread.... read more

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-07-19

recordMydesktop first release!

The first public version of recordmydesktop
has been released! This is an alpha release,
so problems are to be expected.
If you try this program, please report
(either by email or better yet in the project
page forums) your experience with it, as well as
any problems you might run into while installing
or using it.
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

A brief description:
recordMyDesktop produces a ogg encapsulated,
theora-vorbis file that contains a video and audio
recording of a linux desktop session.
The default behavior of recording is to mark areas
that have changed(through libxdamage) and update
the frame, instead of grabing it every time.
Thus recordMydesktop's primary goal is to be
as unobstrusive as possible.... read more

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-07-13