recordMyDesktop/gtk-recordMyDesktop 0.3.4

Version 0.3.4 of the programs is incompatible to
any previous ones so if updating, please do so for

recordMyDesktop Changes:

Fixed behavior of the program when using both the MIT-Shm and Xdamage extensions.
As a result, less memory is now required and all options related to conditional usage of
shared memory are gone. Shared memory is now on by default and the --with-shared
option is substituted by --no-shared.
Fixed configure script to exit when zlib is not found.
The --drop-frames option has been removed.
The dummy cursor has been updated to look better.

gtk-recordMyDesktop Changes:

Synced to version 0.3.4 of recordMyDesktop.
Added an optional persistent frame around the capture area.
Updated Spanish translation by Rolando Espinoza La Fuente.
Updated Italian translation by Giovanni Scafora.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2007-03-29

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