recordMyDesktop/gtk-recordMyDesktop 0.3.3

Changes in this release for recordMyDesktop:

i) Improved cache format. Blocks are now cached at 16x16 for y plane
and 8x8 for u,v planes. Thus, unneeded caching is minimized,
which can result in significant savings of disk space

ii) Added support for compilation with OSS instead of ALSA and made
minor other changes, to make compilation on FreeBSD possible
(recordMyDesktop 0.3.3 has now been tested to compile and run under
FreeBSD 6.2).

iii) Added support for recording audio through JACK, allowing
recordMyDesktop to be used with applications such as MusE,
Ardour, etc.

iv) Many other bugfixes.

Changes in this release for gtk-recordMyDesktop:

i) Added options related to JACK support, in sound tab.

ii) Added option to enable/disable tooltips.

iii) Added option to include/exclude decorations
when selecting a window.

iv) Other minor fixes/changes.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2007-02-12

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