recordMyDesktop v0.3.1/gtk-recordMyDesktop v0.3.1

This is a bugfixing release for recordMyDesktop.

The most important changes are:
i) Fixed BadWindow/segfault bugs at program startup.
ii) Corrected sound buffer size/number of frames to be read in
every loop, which could cause sound to skip.
iii) Interleaving of audio and video streams is now handled properly.
iv) Fixed missing end-of-stream in generated files.

On the other hand, gtk-recordMyDesktop v0.3.1 is
a release focused in translations.

New ones added are:
i) Arabic translation by Anas Husseini
ii) German translation by Daniel Ziegenberg
iii) Japanese translation by Paul D
iv) Portuguese translation by Joel Ramos and Sergio Santos
v) Turkish translation by Eren Inan Canpolat

Many thanks to the above mentioned people that showed interest and
responded in the call for translations.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-12-17

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