recordMyDesktop-0.3.0 /gtk-recordMyDesktop 0.3.0

Version 0.3.0 of both the program and the frontend is out.

This release has some important changes in the way the program
functions, as now encoding happens on a step of its own, after
recording finishes(the old mode, where encoding was performed
on the fly is still available as an option).

Also, the program now checks if it is run under a known (by me)
3d compositing window manager and sets its behavior accordingly,
to avoid the problem, where only the cursor was recorded.

Another change that drastically affects performance is the
better optimized conversion of rgb values, returned by the Xserver,
to yuv , that is used for encoding to theora
(even though the program encodes in a separate stage now,
this conversion happens alongside the recording since it reduces
the amount of data to be processed and cached at about 37.5% of
their initial size).

There are also other improvements, like non-blocking opening
of the soundcard, non deletion of existing files under the
chosen filename(unless overwriting is explicitly specified),
corrections on the configure script (which could cause messages
about missing xlibs, even though all development files were installed)
and some cleanup and better documentation of the code.

These changes should make the program usable to a much wider
range of machine-specs. The end result should be improved ,too,
since having encoding as a separate stage, allows better sync
to be performed among the audio and video streams.

As far as gtk-recordMyDesktop is concerned, changes are more subtle.
The focus has been to provide the functionality required by the new
version, and as such a few new options have appeared.
The advanced widget has been rearranged to a more sensible layout
and tooltips have been added on all the options, which should make
configuration and fine-tuning for a particular task a lot easier.
Also, all session options are now saved so the frustration of setting
the same options everytime the program is launched, is over.

And a few generic notes over this release:
* The --nosound option has been renamed to --no-sound

* Even though recording of beryl/compiz is now possible,
there might appear some tearing on the video. This does not
originate to recordMyDesktop itself, and it will appear on
periods of high CPU-usage(which will be caused by recordMyDesktop,
whenever there are massive changes on the screen, like when rotating
the cube). Lowering the screen resoultion, disabling compression of
cache and enabling quick-subsampling should reduce this effect.

* The changes within the program are too many, so there's no guarantee
that the program will function properly, where it previously did.
So please remember to report any bugs you encounter.
In any case, the on-the-fly encoding mode should be a functional fallback
if problems arise.
That doesn't mean that I expect a multitude of bugs, though.
Thanks to loell, that made an edgy package from CVS and publicised it
through ubuntu forums, this version has been the most tested thus far,
prior to a release (and at least one serious bug has been caught).
So my thanks to loell and anyone that tested it!

* I'm sure there's something I forgot...

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-11-20

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