Project status update.

The rMD-exp module is no longer in use and it won't be used again(it was a mistake anyway).
All changes have been commited in the recordmydesktop module and the latest version will
be available for checkout there. Last snapshot prior to the commit has been tagged and branched
as v0_2_7.

Changes so far focus mainly around transforming the program in a two-stage recorder. This means
that encoding into theora takes place after the recording. To do this, a simple interframe format
is used for cache, with an optional light gz compression (at the time of writting, there is
some work needed on this yet, but basic functionality is there, if anyone wants to check it out).

Also a few changes have been made into the rgb to yuv conversion, which should improve
the overall speed a lot, when doing full screen updates.

There are many other changes and some are still under work, but an important one is that now
the program checks at startup if it is run under a known 3d compositing window manager and
autoenables the nessecary options to do the recording.

There a few more things to be done and there is also work to be made on the frontend (currently
it will not work correctly with the modified program).

The manpage is updated with the new options, so if someone wants to give it a try, please do so
and make sure to tell me what you think of it.

A last notice, I expect to be finished in 1-2 weeks and the new release will be version 0.3,
not 0.4 as I previously stated(no need to pump up the version, since there have been no releases).

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-11-08

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