Roadmap, schedule

This is a brief explanation(if anyone's interested) on how things will go on from now.

The 0.2.x branch will go on only with bugfixing releases.
Meanwhile a 0.3.x branch will start but it will not produce any releases.
It will be obtainable through CVS under the module, rMD-exp
(it is there already, but it may take a while before changes appear).
When it's stable and optimized enough, it will be released as a 0.4 branch.

gtk-recordMyDesktop may produce a couple of releases more,
but they will also be related only to bugfixes as well as translations.
Its version will remain at 0.2.1 and new releases will be tagged as 0.2.1-r1, 0.2.1-r2 etc,
when it's about translations or minor bugs dealing with compilation. Other bugfixes will
produce their own versions (0.2.x). This is mostly for the comfort of any packagers.
If you have suggestions on this versioning scheme feel free to contact me.

Also, there won't be gtk-recordMyDesktop for the 0.3
branch and after that versioning will be synchronized to that of the frontend.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-07

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