recordMydesktop and AIGLX-beryl/compiz, etc.

recordMyDesktop when run on top of a compositing window
manager(beryl/compiz, soon metacity) will not record anything but the cursor.
This can be rectified by using the --full-shots option, coupled with
--with-shared but it will still require vast amounts of cpu power and it
will lose many frames.

This situation applies when running with full 3d hardware support, such as 7.1 with intel drivers.
The videos of Xgl have been removed to avoid any misconceptions.

Compositing window managers with 3d effects, will probably become
common-place, so the founding concept of recordMyDesktop seems to be flawed.
As such development will halt (except bugfixes of course) until some new way
is found to save proccessing power.
This may be coming late, but due to my initial success with Xgl I didn't
bother to give it any thought.

All these of course don't mean that recordMyDesktop is useless, but going on
the same route will eventually result in a dead-end, where the primary goal,
to be unobstrusive, is missed.

Finally, the project is not dead!
(welll, by definition it can't die since it didn't have any time to live :)
It's just that it back-steps on the research stage again and there won't be
new releases for some time. But it's definately going to continue and
meanwhile, changes might appear on the cvs.

This news item has been reposted on the project mailing list. If you have any questions
or ideas or anything to say over the subject, feel free to post it there, or on the project forums.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-06

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