recordMyDesktop 0.2.6, gtk-recordMyDesktop-0.2.1

These releases have many significant changes.

recordMyDesktop is now a lot more stable. A major enhancement is that now it can record
sound without interruptions.
Also there are many internal changes which improve the overall reliability of the application.
A huge memory leak was fixed, as well as the reason for a segmentation fault that could
happen while recording.

gtk-recordMyDesktop, on the other hand, comes now with a vastly superior interface. The idea
for this interface comes from Jose "L. Redrejo" Rodriguez, so big thanks to him.

Overview of the new interface:

*A basic window now appears on launch,
while non-visible options can be
accessed through an 'advanced' button.
*The window contains a preview of the recording area,
and the selected region is outlined.
*Selection of the area can happen directly on the preview image.
*Option to select a window
*Transition to automake build system
*Localization support
Added: Greek language

Also gtk-recordMyDesktop-0.2.1 should be compatible with versions 0.2.5 and
0.2.6(current) of recordMyDesktop.

If you face any problems while running the program, please contact me.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-10-02

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