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recordMydesktop first release!

The first public version of recordmydesktop
has been released! This is an alpha release,
so problems are to be expected.
If you try this program, please report
(either by email or better yet in the project
page forums) your experience with it, as well as
any problems you might run into while installing
or using it.
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

A brief description:
recordMyDesktop produces a ogg encapsulated,
theora-vorbis file that contains a video and audio
recording of a linux desktop session.
The default behavior of recording is to mark areas
that have changed(through libxdamage) and update
the frame, instead of grabing it every time.
Thus recordMydesktop's primary goal is to be
as unobstrusive as possible.

Note: The debian package, that is supplied
with this release has been made with (k)ubuntu 6.06
repositories in mind so I cannot guarantee
how it will perform in other debian based distributions.
Also in default kubuntu-ubuntu 6.06 installations,
this package should not require the installation
of any extra software.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-07-13

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